Dear All

Let’s start off with the weather information this month. We have had 0mm of rain compared to an average for May of 18.10mm, so a lot less than normal; the temperature still is below average for the time of year with an average of only 15 degrees over the month compared to the normal 19.1 degrees. The course is looking good at present. The temperatures still haven’t reached the perfect temperature for Bermuda grass growth but over the next few days this temperature will rise and the warm season grasses should start to green up and the over winter grasses and poa will start to decline.

Update on the ongoing work on the golf course:

We have just finished leveling the floors and the mechanics workshop area at the maintenance complex and once it dry, we will commence with the repair and painting of all the walls and store areas.

The fence round the course to stop the wild boar is taking shape with the 3-5th hole completed with just gates to add and tidying up to do. This is already paying dividends as on the new course; we are suffering wild boar damage but as yet nothing on the old in holes 1-9.

Gates are being made as we speak for the entrances on to the course on holes 12, 13, 15 and 16 and they should appear before the end of the month. The process for opening and closing will be that the caddy master will close the gates after the last golfers pass through at night and the greenkeepers will open them first thing before play in the mornings. Also keys will be placed with the security for them to allow access to emergency services if required etc.

The company which we have appointed to do the cleaning of the trees on the course have given us a flavor of what the course will look like in the future as they have been here all of last week working on special areas on hole 1 and 2 on the old course. The difference is remarkable and will be a great benefit to the trees themselves the grass and the playability of the course in the future. They have left us for a few weeks at present as they are contracted into Valderrama for their tournament but they will return to us on the 1st of July to continue the good work.

A little point of interest now I came across these photos the other day and people ask a lot, how fast the cork oaks grow as they tend to think them as slow growing trees but take a look at the photos if they are in perfect conditions this is the size they can grow too in a few short years.

25th March 2019

Course consultations and reports are being prepared at present for the up and coming golf course reform; at present we are taking samples of the greens and the fairways to check the soils and conditions we have at present. We are also taking water samples to check the water supply is correct for the types of grasses we plan to use in the future. We are also cleaning and preparing areas to test the new grasses we could use on the course, these will be the back tees on hole 18 for green seed tests, half of the white tee on hole 17 this is a fairways and greens test for grasses , and the very back tee on hole 8 this is a test for grasses which we could use in the first 9 holes in fairways and roughs, also we will put some test areas on the entrance to fairways 4 and 17 to check out growing conditions etc.

We have just ordered some new machinery which should be arriving soon to help us with our ongoing maintenance, a new fairway style sprayer, so we can treat the golf course quicker in the future, and a topdressing machine which will replace the old one we have and let us apply sand more effectively and quickly to the areas we need. Also a new devise widely used in golf course management today called a pogo (no it’s not what we all had as kids which we bounced up and down with), this is a device which measures and maps humidity on the golf course, giving us a more accurate view of where we need more or less water, this gives us a readout on a GPS based map showing us well in advance were we need water and will lead to more effective watering and a reduction in man hours and water usage see below.

One thing that is occurring more now is pitch marks in the greens so please keep this in mind when you play and repair your own pitch marks please.

So that all I have at present till next month.

Happy golfing.
Robert Bell