The new San Roque Club cuisine defends the craftsmanship of all its dishes. Among them we can highlight their Vietnamese rolls with prawns from the bay and rice wafers wrapped and tied with chives, vegetables bought in local businesses and typical Russian salad from Cadiz.

The new team is professional and defends the market cuisine, the seasonality and the respect and care of the product. They mix the tradition and the mastery of the new techniques with spheres of olives and sushis, and soups of flavors.

Its objective is to create a cuisine with Mediterranean flavors and nuances of fusion, creating new textures that surprise diners.

It is a family restaurant for the enjoyment of all that has a great young team of professionals. In the kitchen, Cristina “The Cheff”, at the forefront of a kitchen that has been working for years, Guillermo Collado who, despite his youth, enjoys great experience at Kempinsky Hotel and La Reserva, and Sandra Gavira, responsible for restaurant in Granada. And in the room’s team is led by Olivier Paepe.