Dear SRC members,

Back again with another update on what’s happening on the golf course. Weather has continued to be dry and windy with 0mm of rain again in June. This is normal for this area, but it means that the summer starts here and if you were out and about this weekend the temperatures have gone right up not as high as central Spain and Europe but 36 degrees centigrade with 39% humidity only.

The fairways tees and greens are holding up to the heat well with the extra treatments of wetting agents and growth retardants we are applying, so it looks good for the summer heat ahead.

We have just finished solid tining the greens on the old course and topdressing with a small amount of sand. This is to help water enter the greens quickly during the hot spells and also to give the roots some air; this will disappear very quickly, and the greens will cope much better during the summer due to this operation. The job was completed in very quick time due to the purchase and arrival of one of our new machines which you can see below this took nearly half a day off the time we normally need to finish the work.

Update on the ongoing work on the golf course.

We are now starting to install the lifts and machinery into the mechanics workshop after its upgrade this should be finished very soon.

The fence for the wild boars has been finished so hopefully we should have less damage around the old course this summer. Although we may have the odd one enter if they come through the gardens and housing areas around the course.

The first gate has been installed and tested so now the other 3 are being made and should be installed within the next 2 weeks.

The test areas of grass have been planted, and already we are seeing grass growing we have to monitor these area to see which grasses germinate first which are the quickest to establish and when matured which has the best density, color, resistance to disease and shade etc. from all this information we will make a decision on the grasses we will be using for the reform of the old course. we are testing 15 different types of grass in this experiment.

The tree surgens are back and starting to work there way around the old course so you will see some changes within the comming weeks and months on light levels and playablity of the course. All of the waist from this work we are storing and will mulch and chip to cover out of play areas around the course identifyed in the course reforms, so nothing goes to waist.

So that all I have at present till next month.

Robert Bell