Attendees: Stephen Dundas, Alex Medina, Jon Hale, David MacGregor, Liz Griffiths, & Alicia Riquelme. Stephen starts the meeting by thanking everyone for attending the meeting. Based on the minutes of last commission meeting and based on the letter from the President on 16th of August, Stephen thinks that everyone knows how all is going on at the club. So anyone who has any other questions or need further details, can send us an email. Jon thanks Stephen for such good and very informative letter. Very appreciated. Stephen shows his satisfaction to see things are going good and according to the plans. Also, it is good to report that the club is selling a good number of new memberships. Jon asks what the plans are in terms of number of members. Stephen says it is 600 at first, being this a good amount, not only from a financial point of view but also because it can be considered an amount still easy to manage. The reason of our generous offer on joining fees shows and goes according to the current moment we are, that is, still the Old Course has not been renovated and working to get back a positive reputation. Stephen strongly thinks that that the type of quality of the whole structure will allow us to reach between €20,000/€25,000 joining fees but this must be done gradually. So, by increasing the number of members to the point of us being full, will increase the value of the club memberships, should you wish to sell in a future. Jon asks what the main differences between old and new memberships are. Stephen says there are two main points:

  • New membership annual fees can be increased by more than inflation rate
  • No rounds included for the New Course

David mentions that in the new membership info it is said that members tee times are guaranteed from 8.00am to 10.00am. Stephen confirms that if we reach the objectives, undoubtedly this timing will be extended. On another subject, Jon thinks that although the members are trying to promote as much as possible the restaurant and make profitable events, there are certain events on the calendar where the club should look more at covering costs rather than looking for profit margin. This comes because he has noticed lately that the drinks have been stopped earlier. David adds that the comments are that the quality of food is very good but some lack of organization, for instance, lunch at the Men ́s Club Championship. Stephen answers that we are a company with the intention to make profit and to be profitable. He can only say now that there are some internal problems that in maybe 3 weeks, they will all solved. Without name them, some staff are not doing their job as expected. In any case, Stephen confirms that while he is here, members will be satisfied with what they pay. It is now a matter of organization rather than benefits, quantity or costs. John thanks Stephen by a far explanation. David says that he was a bit surprised not to have been given the members discount in the Lola Boys event. Stephen says he has been informed internally about this issue and he will instruct F&B staff to apply members discounts on their drinks regardless of the event format. Stephen says we need all the comments, both bad and good, to keep improving. On another subject, David asks when Stephen thinks the club will reach the expected standards? Stephen replies that this is going to be difficult as he is a person who is never satisfied and that there will always be levels of demand. We are trying to set some very high standards however this of course takes time. All the staff have been informed clearly and, in several occasions, since they arrived in March about their duties and what the new ownership expect from them. After 6 months of “honeymoon”, the expectations are to be fully established before December 2019. Stephen fully understands there are mistakes, we are human, but most important thing is how staff is capable to manage and handle them. One of Stephen ́s first task once he is here permanent from November, is to have a train with all the staff. So, Stephen understands that the food is good but small issues to solve. Stephen insists that if members are happy, business will go well and run by itself. Given the anticipated growth in membership and the forecast increase in visitors, Jon thinks that it is essential that we have a ‘fit for purpose’ infrastructure with appropriate and relevant procedures in place. Now after 28 years, we feel many things must be updated, talking also about the rules of tournaments, and particularly, criteria to select players for certain competitions. In the case of the quadrangular, Jon proposed that the criteria should be based in captaincy, ranking positions and then some places available. However, this is something which must be firmly established before next year calendar starts. Stephen thinks that these criteria would work. People have to make their efforts to be selected. As reference, in Pestovo GC, criteria are order of merit of major events. So all agree that competition rules must be formalized. David starts to explain his proposal for a change of the members calendar. Captains have historically been appointed for 12 months commencing with their ‘Drive In’ held in early November. There is no underlying rationale for this date, and it is proposed that the Members Calendar be aligned with the subscription calendar (I.e. Jan-Dec) with the ‘Captains Drive In’ moved to Easter each year. Going forward, the Captains ‘Drive In’ will replace Captains Day at Easter with the latter deferred until a later date in the year. Stephen thinks that being a very important matter for the whole membership (extending captaincy period and change the calendar), members must vote. They have the right to know what is happening and what can affect them. If we send the changes without asking members for their votes, one member can ask us why these changes and he would not have a reply. So, Stephen asks David to write a letter where he exposes the reasons why these changes are proposed. This does not mean that the club agrees or disagrees with this proposal, so any questions from the members must be answered by David and Liz. Another topic discussed is that taking into consideration not only the growing activity at the club but also the increase of members. the intention of the club is to add 2/3 further members to the Commission with the aim to improve our governance. So, Alicia will send a letter to the members inviting to put their names forward. Stephen reports that by end of September, we will see big ditches dug all the way from the clubhouse to the driving range. The reason of this is to prevent any possible catastrophe in October (i.e. big heavy rains) … so there will be a little bridge to get to the putting green. David asks about the new scorecards, if they will include the pictures of the holes. Stephen confirms that our future score cards will not include pictures of the holes. They are producing a high-class score card in corporate colours. Regarding the New Course, this will be closed during the first two weeks in September to get it ready when both, members and visitors, are moved over in November. Tomorrow he will do an inspection lap with John Clarkin and Robert Bell. Also, Stephen reports that 10 different types of grass are being tested and now they have a better idea which may be the best one for this course. Liz asks if there has been any progress with the negotiation to buy the hotel. Stephen said that they have been given a price much further from what they expect. Additionally, there are many problems with legal documents in what respect to the hotel ownership. However, the hotel remains in their vision for the future and they will keep trying, but all seems that unfortunately it is going to be a very slow and long process Stephen finishes the meeting saying that every time he comes back to San Roque, he feels a very good atmosphere and that you are at home. NEXT COMMISSION MEETING TUESDAY 8th OCTOBER 2019 – 3.00pm (after roll up) at TJ HOUSE