Dear Members,

Once again to What’s happening on the golf course; weather is still dry and windy although we did get 5.86 mm of rain during the month which kept the dust down for a few hours at least.

As the time moves on and we move closer to the date of the reform on the Old Course so as mentioned before our work load changes to the New course to get it ready for the 1st of November.

As the work moves over to the New so will my report and it will become more and more about the New course. Although it will also keep you up to date with the progress on the Old.

One of the main things you will have noticed on the old in the last month is the opening up of the ditch in front of the club house; (well you can’t really miss it). As I said in my last report this was going to be installed just in case we had a large storm before we started the construction, and this would prevent any possible flood water entering the club house and shop which could destroy all of the work which is being carried out at present. Like I say it’s not the prettiest ditch in the world but it is functional and that’s what really counts at this vulnerable time of year.

Also on this we are reducing the levels of the lakes on the 12, 17, and 18th holes this is for 2 reasons 1st is to create a holding area if we do get a storm and contain some of the water before it gets to the ditch at the clubhouse and also it is in preparation for the reform where we need to reduce the water levels so we can transfer the fish from these lakes on to the New course during the construction.( yes the fish are moving across with you as well).

As I said we are doing the general cutting and maintenance on the old but the main work is on the New.

So to the New we have had the tree people which were working on the old course working on the new for the last few weeks this is to open up the course and make it more player friendly and also for the same reason as the old to take shade away from the Bermuda grass and let it grow stronger and healthier. As you can see below the difference is amazing.

Also we have been working on the bunkers out there edging and topping up the sand as there a few more than we have on the old course.(remember mark our pro does do bunker classes as well)

The greens have come on leaps and bounds since we did the work on them in the first 2 weeks of September, as I mentioned in my last report. So come the 1st of November they should be in great shape, I can’t promise the exact same speed as the old but you wouldn’t want that speed on the undulating greens we have on the New.

Also you have to remember what a great course the New is, I am really looking forward to spending a lot more time working and concentrating on the course. Some of the views you have on the course are spectacular and sometimes I can still go around a corner and the view takes my breath away.

A few snap shots from the new are below but these don’t count the 12 holes on the course were you can look out into the Mediterranean Sea.

That’s about it although I’m sure I have forgotten something, but just to remind you all that the spraying of the Old course will take place in October, but we will keep you informed when the date is confirmed.

Thanks till next time.

Robert Bell